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I'm attempting a futuristic character generation type project which I then hope to shape a simple game around for the upcoming #cyberpunkjam2 - I'm always coming up with dystopian game ideas but the theme of "solarpunk" is stretching my brain cells nicely. Stay tuned!


With only a few minutes left of the jam I just got done learning how to actually compile my code as an .exe in GameMaker - I will upload source soon after the end of the jam, or maybe next day - and would LOVE LOVE LOVE any and all comments... please help!

This ended up being more of an "experience" than a game but I am pleased with what I was able to get done and I learned a lot - I do not think I should have handled /anything/ the way I did handle it but now I know for the future - if you peek at the source you will see that the GameMaker package is so full of junk I never ended up using and so messy - I really need to learn about project management - time management as well - I had an eye injury a few days before the jam ended and was going to give up - deadline got pushed back and eye healed and here we are: Shiny Earth!

I wanted to create a futuristic city where you could custom generate your body - I was going to have other "doors" in the city where you could go and generate weapons, food, or other things - I do not think I really captured the cyberpunk theme very well, and even less-so the solarpunk idea but - you get what you get!

I had a lot of fun with this!



Shiny_Earth-OhGoodShepherd-CyberPunkJam2.exe 3 MB

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